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Bicoh Universal Trial Frame (674 Simple)


Dual Hold Temple Tip (Side & downward direction)

Half Rim Type (For Progressive Lens available)

Fixed P.D.
PD Size: 11 sizes from 54mm to 74mm, with 2mm interval.

Light weight
Less Than 50g without lenses

Axis of astigmatism
Provides each 5°

Nose pad
Adjustable in width and height

Adjustable in angle and length, with NON SLIP temple tips.


Simple BC Trial Frame with Fixed PD

Made in Japan





Adjustable PD
Turn this dial to select wide range of PD 54mm to 74mm








Axis of astigmatism
To move the ring with fingertip control, provides smooth and precise adjustment of 5 axis steps. (3 lens in front and 1 in back)







Progressive lens use
Set it lower position gives more comfortable for examine.








Adjustable nose pad
To fit all patients comfortably. There are two positions moving.








Elongation of temple tip
Hold the hinge and temple tip, then stretch them opposite side. Moves about 30mm in each 5mm, will cover most patients head.







Inclination of temple
Small plastic dial on the temple will provide 14 degrees in angle with simple action of turn.

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