Brand: Bicoh

Bicoh Japan Cell Seal-U Adhesive Silicone Nose Pad

Instruction of use:

Bicoh Cell Seal-U stick-on adhesive silicone nose pads for sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Cell Seal-U is a soft clear silicone nose pads with adhesive backs. Safely and easily attach these adhesive nose pads to your plastic frames. Helps keep plastic sunglass and eyeglass frames from sliding down your nose.

For best results DO NOT TOUCH THE STICKY SIDE! Use tweezers to remove and apply!

Cell Seal-U Nose Pads must be applied to a clean, dry surface with clean, dry hands. Clean your plastic eyeglass or sunglass frames with clear liquid soap and water. Oils from your skin, lotions, make-up, etc., must be removed. Rinse, and then dry the frame thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth towel.

Using tweezers bend the Cell Seal-U nose pad at the tip and remove from the backing sticker. Carefully apply the pad. Do not touch the surface where the nose pad will be applied.

To replace, gently pull the pad away from the frame. Clean with liquid soap and water. Rinse, and then dry thoroughly. Apply new nose pad.

Rubbing alcohol has oil in it. If you clean your frames with this you must then clean the frames with soap and water again, or the adhesive silicone nose pads won’t stick to your frames.

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10pair/Box, RM200 per box

Made in Japan

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