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Nidek Smart Refractor RT-3100

The New Auto Refractor RT-3100 Compact & Fast Examination

  • Easy Program of Refraction Sequences
  • Control Box with Touch Panel for Easy Operation
    • 5.7-inch color LCD
    • Switching charts and LED
    • Advanced dial with S/C/A mode keys
    • Smart and smooth examinations
    • Cross cylinder examination
  • Built-In High Speed Line Printer with Automatic Paper Cutting
  • Software Update with CompactFlash Card
  • Ergonomically-Designed Refractor Head for Comfortable Examinations
    • Compact design & wide visual field (40o)
    • Smooth, quiet lens selection for faster examinations
    • Power convergence and power PD
    • R / L independent PD adjustment for improved precision
    • Built-in clear and safe illumination (white LED)
    • Easy-to clean: detachable forehead rest, face shields, and protective glasses with antifouling coating
    • High quality near point card
  • Eye Care Card System
  • EMR (Electric Medical Record) Compatible
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