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Nidek Tabletop Refraction System TS-610

  • Advanced space-saving refractions for efficient workflow
  • User-friendly control console
  • Streamlined refractor head
  • Reliable chart unit
  • Seamless data connectivity
  • Flexible measurement options
  • Empowered Refraction Solution

Compact and innovative subjective refraction system used to perform complete distance and near vision eye exams, with a footprint less than 1m2. System combining a visual test display and a RT-6100 automatic refractor. A new way to perform eye exams!

Innovative subjective refraction system comprising the NIDEK RT-6100 automatic refraction head integrated to a compact displaying system of optotypes and visual tests.

The TS-610 system combines the RT-6100, automatic refractor head measuring the refraction from -29D to +26.75D, and a revolutionary screen able to adapt to a 5 m measure and a 40 cm measure. All visual acuity tests and binocular and optometric function tests can be performed in near and distance vision.

The intuitive control touchscreen panel can communicate with the auto-refractometer and the lensometer to perform easy and quick exams.The intuitive control touchscreen panel can communicate with the auto-refractometer and the lensometer to perform easy and quick exams.


  • 10.4-inch color LCD touch screen: The 10.4-inch color LCD touch screen displays a great deal of information including near chart images, refraction diagrams, eye diagram, visual images as viewed by impaired eyes, NIDEK OPD-Scan III summary, and amsler grid. Display can be flipped to the patient’s side when used in near vision check or patient education.
  • Productive refraction workflow: The TS-610 offers various standard examination programs which support
    your efficient workflow. Easy programming and editing are also possible. Moreover, if you bookmark the frequently used charts, you can rapidly select them later and further improve practice efficiencies.
  • Streamlined refractor head: In pursuit of a superior experience for both patient and operator, the TS-610 employs
    a honed ergonomic design. The streamlined shape makes a sophisticated impression.
  • Patient-friendly features: Comfortable forehead rest reduces patient discomfort and stress for a more stationary and relaxed examination position. Extremely smooth, quiet and speedy lens changes ensure reliable and comfortable
    measurement without distraction
  • Intelligent functions: Seven different programs are available with the TS-610. The binocular open refraction program, using fogging, takes measurements in more natural visual conditions, including the cross cylinder test.
  • Seamless data connectivity: The TS-610 builds network by LAN or optional WLAN to communicate with other NIDEK products. Various connection patterns can be adopted according to usage.



 NIDEK TS-610 Tabletop Refraction System Brochure

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