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Nidek Patternless Edger-LE-800

Edging Station – LE-800

Compact Edging Station, Powerful Edging Solution

  • Easy to operate, all-in-one capability
  • Built-in intelligent blocker
  • Precise shape recognition
  • Consistent, beautiful finishing
  • Well-organized user functions
  • Custom-designed frame tracer (optional)

Built-in intelligent blocker

The built-in intelligent blocker performs accurate blocking with simple operation. Exact alignment is available with the high-resolution color touch screen and the image magnification function.


Precise shape recognition

3D tracing data can be easily obtained without even using the tracer by simply tracing the demo lens or pattern in the processing chamber.

Consistent, beautiful finishing

After lens shape measurement, the 3D images are displayed to simulate beveling/grooving. The data, such as groove/bevel position, can be easily edited.

Well-organized user functions

Step-by-step processing of wizard mode assists lens edger beginner. “Next job” function allows operator to prepare next job during lens processing for more efficient workflow.

Custom-designed frame tracer (optional)

The on-board tracer confidently handles even high-wrap frames. Controlled tracing pressure assures superb accuracy.


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