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Nidek Auto Lensmeter LM-1800PD

Beyond Compare – Like Nothing Else –

  • Distortion check
  • Green light transmittance measurement
  • Automatic lens type detection
  • Green measurement light
  • A new lens table expanding measurement range
  • PD measurement (only for the LM-1800PD)
  • Prism layout function
  • Improved marking dots
  • UV transmittance measurement
  • High-speed line printer with auto cutter
  • Full graphic LCD with 5.7-inch touch color panel
  • User-friendly tiltable LCD
  • Built-in Eye Care card system
  • Interface enhancement
  • Refractive index measurement

Hartmann Sensor with 108 multiple measurement points

Advanced simultaneous measurement of 108 multiple points within the nosepiece provide easier and faster measurements with greater accuracy and reliability.

New lens table expanding measurement range

The nosepiece can partially enter the central part of lens table, which enables measurement of near portion of progressive lens even though the near portion is located on the edge of the frame.

User-friendly tiltable LCD with 5.7-inch touch color panel

The tiltable (30°) full-graphic LCD monitor provides easier operation for both standing and sitting operators. By the adoption of the touch panel, superior placement and indication were enabled in operability, visibility and an appearance design.

Distortion check

This function displays the lens distortion of glasses being used by the customer by obtaining the vertex power difference from the nosepiece aperture at the center to those of eight portions of the lens around it and compares the results as a guide with the tolerances of ISO standards.

Green light transmittance measurement

The LM-1800PD / 1800P became able to measure the transmittance of visible light by using the Green light source. This function digitally calculates the transmittance through tinted lenses such as sunglasses, which has been estimated only on feel until now. It enables to recommend sunglasses with quantitative color strength based on the visible light transmittance. Additionally, this function helps to ease the vision difficulty at nighttime due to the aging of a customer using tinted Rx lenses on a daily basis.

Refractive index measurement kit “GO-MEISAN”(option)

The LM-1800 series have an application for measuring refractive index of eyeglass lenses which corresponds to the “GO-MEISAN” system made by TOKAI OPTICAL CO., LTD.

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