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Nidek Non Contact Tono / Pachymeter TONOPACHY™ NT-1P

  • Fully-automatic measurement*1
  • Gentle voice guidance
    (available in 9 languages)*1
  • Reliable tono/pachymeter*2
  • Flexible and space-saving design
  • A variety of options to meet your needs

Fully-automatic measurement (available for the NT-1p and NT-1)

Simply by placing the chin on the chinrest, NIDEK eye detection camera automatically detects the position of the eyes and measurement starts without pressing any button. Gentle voice guidance (available in 9 languages) facilitates smooth measurement for any operator.

Air-nozzle contact sensor

A message appears to alert the user if there is eyelid/corneal contact with the air nozzle during measurement. The measuring unit automatically backs away from the patient’s eye, and the measurement stops for patient safety.

Reliable tono/pachymeter

Automatic Puff Control (APC)

In subsequent measurements, the APC function performs the measurement with the minimum air pressure based on previous measurement data.

Gentle nozzle design

A gentle nozzle design reduces patient’s perception of physical pressure.

IOP correction based on central corneal thickness

IOP values are automatically calculated by compensating for the patient’s central corneal thickness.*

*Available for the NT-1p. For the NT-1, the corrected IOP is displayed by entering the patient‘s central corneal thickness.

Flexible and space-saving design

Since the screen can be freely tilted and swiveled, the device can be placed anywhere in an examination room; installation against a wall or in a corner is now possible.

A variety of options to meet your needs


Models are available with or without a joystick. The 4-direction button of the newly-designed joystick allows smooth movement of the measuring unit forward, backward, right, or left.

Hand-held control (wired/wireless)

An ergonomically designed palm-fit controller offers a unique handling experience.

Tablet control software

If a tablet is used as a controller, screen mirroring allows any of the devices in the NT-1 series to be operated remotely with the same accuracy and comfort.



 Nidek Non Contact Tono / Pachymeter TONOPACHY™ NT-1P Brochure

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