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Nikon RetinaStation


The RetinaStation system is a fully-automatic, non-mydriatic 45° retinal imaging device with an eye to the 3 smart features.

Retinal examination has been proven useful in diabetic retinal disease, cardiovascular disorder and other clinical cases.

Nikon has taken additional steps to enhance such applications. Under its retinal imaging project, Nikon is working on brand-new retinal imaging devices.

Retinal examinations can be uncomfortable for patients. To solve this problem, the integrated system design is well thought-out for reliable retinal diagnosis and great patient comfort.

The brainchild provides high resolution images and clinical serviceability. With an eye to higher goals, Nikon has been bringing brand-new retinal imaging devices to eye care.

Three “Smart”

We have come up with the RetinaStation brainchild with quality and versatility in mind.  Retinal diagnostic staff can achieve excellent images because the RetinaStation is here.


Smart 1

The touch panel is large and eye-friendly. Functionality includes single-tap, as on a sensory tablet screen, for complete imaging and other diagnostic functions.

The RetinaStation is equipped with an easily-viewable 10.1” touch panel. A single tap allows you to check each of the eyes, to photograph its fundus and anterior segment, to create auto-montages from wide-angle images and for other functions. The system takes care of all the rest. Pinch to zoom in and out images as you do on tablets.


Smart 2

The across-the-retina zone up to the periphery can be reliably rendered by the resolution as high as 12 million pixels.

The RetinaStation with a high resolution of 12 million pixels is easy to use. Reliable rendition is notched up in usual imaging and also in enlargements and photo-montages. Sharp area-to-area images help increase diagnostic accuracy.

Smart 3

The on-board computer has the Windows 10 OS and dedicated software pre-installed. The self-contained system enables imaging as well as editing, and saves your desk space.

A viewer tool and other useful applications are pre-programmed on the RetinaStation computer (Windows 10 OS). The all-in-one computerized design provides you with everything for imaging and editing. There is no need to connect an external computer or other devices allowing you to save your desk space.


Function Value / Type Remark
Fundus image Non-mydriatic, color image
Field of view >= 45 degrees
Illumination for retina image (capture) White LED Flashes for capturing images
Cornea image (capture) White LED Flashes for capturing images
Illumination during alignment to patient’s retina NIR LED Central wavelength in the range of 735 – 850 nm
Focus diopter adjustment range -15 D to +10 D Without compensation lens
-30 D to -10 D or +5 D to + 30 D With compensation lens
Minimum pupil size 4 mm
Focus adjustment Auto / manual Split-image technique
Image sensor CMOS 12 megapixel
Z-ranging (working distance) 2 fiber dots
Working distance 25 mm from lens to cornea Accuracy : +/- 0.5 mm
Fixation Internal 10 point


Function Value / Type
Alignment Fully automatic 3D tracking
Alignment mode Full auto / auto / manual
Chin rest Motorized
Interface USB 2.0 port, LAN, HDMI
Input / output format Image format : JPEG, PNG, BMP, DICOM
Display 10.1” LCD monitor, touch panel
Operation range Front / back : 40 mm Left / right : 90 mm Up / down : 30 mm
Chin rest range Up / down : 70 mm
Dimensions Depth : 495 mm Width : 288 mm Height : 495 mm
Weight 17 kg

*The USB interface is used for connecting a USB mass storage device.

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