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Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope

Total Control at Your Fingertips

The Professional Ophthalmoscope has been designed to ensure ultimate control. Lenses, graticules and filters can all be introduced at the touch of a fingertip without the need to pull away from the patient.


Positive action maywheel and comprehensive lens range:
The positive action easy access maywheel not only allows you to dial up the required lens quickly, but also gives you total control of where you are in the lens range making each exam quicker and easier.
The extensive range of 29D to –30D in single dioptre steps ensures easy examination of all ocular structures and covers a wide range of patient/user prescriptions. A quick step swing of /- 20D helps speed up diagnosis.

Xenon illumination:
The Professional also uses Xenon illumination for a brighter and whiter long lasting light. Giving you more power and fewer bulb changes.

Swing over filter:
The red free filter for enhanced vessel examination can be used in conjunction with any of the 6 diagnostic beams.

Brow rest:
The integral soft brow rest allows for easy positioning and protects your lenses if you are a spectacle wearer.

Apertures, graticules and filters:

Wide Angle:
Illuminates the largest area of fundus for the best possible general diagnosis through a dilated pupil.

Permits easier access through an undilated pupil and in peripheral examination. Particularly useful in paediatric examination.

Designed specifically for examination of the macular region of the fundus where
a larger beam would create excessive pupillary reaction or patient discomfort.

Used primarily to determine retinal elevations and depressions but may also be used to assess anterior chamber depth.

Projects a graticule onto the retina to assess the optic cup/disc ratio as an aid to glaucoma diagnosis.

Fixation Cross:
Projects a graticule onto the retina for assessment of the degree and direction of eccentric fixation.

Red Free:
The red free filter is used to examine blood vessels in fine detail. By filtering out the red light, blood vessels are silhouetted black against a dark green background.

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