Cardiff Acuity Test Set™

Cardiff Acuity Test Set™ with 36 cards and occluding glasses (optional).

An upgrade for the Cardiff Acuity Test™ is now offered to meet the differing needs of Pediatric vs. Low Vision patients (Item #: NCATSLVU). The Low Vision upgrade kit includes a set of 3 cards each of levels A, LVB and LVA plus three red dividers.

The standard set covers 12 acuity levels from 20/160 to 20/12.5. The Low Vision set covers 14 levels from 20/320 to 20/12.5. There are three cards at each of these acuity levels.

Intended for test distances of 1 meter and 50 cm. Cards are laminated and measure 7 3/4 by 10 1/2 in (20 by 27 cm) and are labeled by acuity level equivalents in decimal, meters, feet, Snellen and LogMAR for both test distances.

Made in UK


The Cardiff University Acuity Test is designed especially for the hard-to-test age group 12 months to 3 years. It uses familiar pictures and a procedure in the form of a game to attract and retain the attention of young children. However, the test does not require the child to be able to name or even to recognise the pictures. Instead, it relies on the technique of ‘preferential looking’ – that is, the observer simply notes the child’s eye movements in order to determine whether he or she can see the picture.


This means that the test can be used irrespective of a child’s developmental stage, making it ideal for testing children and adults with intellectual difficulties.  The Cardiff Acuity Test was developed by Dr. J. Margaret Woodhouse, at the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University in the UK. It has been rigorously validated and is now recommended by leading paediatric vision consultants worldwide.


The range of visual acuity levels covered is from 6/48 and 6/96 to 6/3.75 and 6/7.5 (at working distances of 1m and 50cm). Visual acuity is tested in steps of 1/3 octave, or 0.1 LogMar, thus offering good precision in measurement.


The test is portable and is supplied with its own carry case and full instructions.

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