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Frisby Stereotest Screening

Frisby Stereotest Screening   

frisby stereotests,  with no need for special glasses, and suitable for screening young children

Made in UK

Purpose  : To demonstrate stereopsis
Age Range : About 6 months to adult
Administration : About 1-5 minutes

The Frisby Screening Stereotest is provides a single 6mm plate without studs in a easily portable special presentation box.  This box  facilitates easy presentations to children from about 6 months of age.  For such young children ‘preferential looking responses’ at the target are particularly useful for establishing a positive result, that is,  – stereo vision present.

The ‘target’ that the patient has to detect  is printed on one side of each plate.  This target is a cluster of randomly arranged arrowheads of differing sizes. See adjacent illustration.

Two squares are presented; one of which has a circle-in-depth.


Plate is held still and patient head movements avoided, if necessary by holding the head, with carer’s permission.

Plate is presented perpendicularly to the visual axes at a distance of 20-40cms.

The Frisby Stereotest Screening is particularly useful where language barriers can create difficulties in communication. The test is just shown to the subject by opening the presentation box, and a spontaneous pointing or looking response can be sufficient to establish that stereopsis is present.

The Frisby Screening Stereo Test is presented in good faith as a guide in assessing stereopsis. The diagnosis and any resulting action are the sole responsibility of the practitioner.

Copyright © Professor J P Frisby.  All rights reserved.


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