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Nidek Intelligent Blocker ICE-1

  • Sensible mechanical design
  • One-touch blocking
  • Flexible lens stage (optional)
  • Data management function
  • Shape imager function
  • Hole & design edit function

Sensible mechanical design

The sensible mechanical design allows the operator to confirm lens shape and data images simultaneously. A large 8.4-inch color LCD touch screen shows lens shape and layout information in real scale with high visibility contrast. The storage space for accessories is designed to enable easy storage and accessibility.

One-touch blocking

A single finger is all that is required for the ICE-1 blocking. The blocking motion is accurate, quick, and comfortable without needing extra pressure or effort. Two types of lens tables are provided, standard and small diameter.

Flexible lens stage (optional)

The flexible lens stage oscillates, keeping the front base curve of the lens at the optimal horizontal position. The stabilized lens position reduces the gap and prevents sliding or movement of the lens.

Shape imager function

The shape imager function can detect the outer shape of a demo lens or pattern.


Design cut

Partial step

Hole & design edit function

With an easy-to-understand display and comfortable operation using a stylus pen and numeric keypad, hole and lens shape can be edited more easily than anyone could expect.

Hole editor

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