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Rexxam LCD-1000P

LCD Chart System

Equipped with high resolution 24inch LCD display panel* and circular polarization*.
Various Optotype charts, ETDRS charts, binocular charts, stereoscopic charts, contrast test.
* LCD-1000P only

Circular Polarisation

Depending on customer’s preference, LCD-1000P uses Circular Polarisation as image separation for binocular testing; whereas LCD-1000 uses Red/Green method. Circular Polarisation provides 100% image separation that prevents ‘ghost-image’, enhances readability, improves display contrast & reduces glare. Both LCD-1000P & LCD-1000 offer the same features.

Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity test

The Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity test is available in:
4 Frequency (cycle per degree) and 5 Contrast level (%)
5 Frequency (cycle per degree) and 10 Contrast level (%)
The test results are graphically displayed and can be exported out for further analysis.

Compatibility & Connectivity

LCD-1000/1000P can be connected to DR-900 Digital Refractor, and the chart can be operated with DR900 controller.

DR-900 ACCUREF K-900/R-800 LCD-1000/1000P CP-500 RET-700 DL-1000/900/800


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