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OCULUS Pentacam® HR

The Pentacam® HR is a high-resolution rotating Scheimpflug camera system for anterior segment analysis. It provides crisp images of cornea, iris and crystalline lens. It measures the anterior and posterior corneal topography and elevation, total corneal refractive power, corneal power distribution, automatic chamber angle measurement in 360°, chamber depth and volume, HWTW, corneal and crystalline lens optical opacities. The OCULUS Pentacam® HR is also customizable and can be upgraded at any time to include optional software modules to suit your specific needs.


  • Comprehensive overview
  • Customer consultation


The General Overview provides important information on the keratometry and pachymetry of the cornea in concise numerical form. The Scheimpflug image provides opticians/optometrists and their customers with intuitive representations of opacities of the cornea or lens (cataract) or of the position of existing IOLs. The anterior chamber is described in terms of anterior chamber depth, volume and angle. When combined with IOP tonometry readings corrected for corneal thickness the General Overview permits an assessment of glaucoma risk. It also allows the display of all colour maps.

Core Functions

A complete diagnosis in just the bat of an eye.

Within just two seconds the Pentacam® supplies you with precise diagnostic data on the entire anterior eye segment. The degree of corneal or crystalline lens density is made visible by the light scattering properties of the crystalline lens and is automatically quantified by the software. Measurement of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces supplies the total refractive power as well as the thickness of the cornea over its entire area. The data on the posterior surface provide optimal assistance in the early detection of ectatic changes.

The rotating scan supplies a large number of data points in the center of the cornea. A supplementary pupil camera captures eye movements during the examination for subsequent automatic correction of measured data.

Versatile Basic Software

Even the basic software offers a vast range of functions.

  • Fast Screening Report
  • Contact Lens Fitting
  • Belin/Ambrósio Enhanced Ectasia Display
  • Topographical Keratoconus Classification (TKC)
  • Tomographical Keratoconus Classification
    • Belin ABCD Keratoconus Staging
    • Belin ABCD Progression Display
  • Qualitative assessment of the cornea
    • Topography and Elevation Maps of the Anterior and Posterior Corneal Surface
    • overall pachymetry
  • Glaucoma screening:
    • pachymetry-based IOP correction
    • chamber angle and chamber volume
  • Elevation data
  • Comparative displays for follow-up
  • Comparison and superimposition of Scheimpflug images


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