3T-004 Screw Extractor

This pocket sized screw extractor, drill and thread maker kit allows the operator to complete multiple functions. This product was made through the use of high quality materials and great craftsmanship. The kit includes 2 punch tools, with copper handles, handle which can be used with the drill bits or tap bits, 2 Drill Bits, 3 Tap Bits (thread maker bits) made of high speed steel (HSS). Tungsten is stronger and has a superior cutting ability compared to other steel, such as carbon steel. The entire kit is contained in small black box which also includes 2 little plastic bottles that hold the bits and extruding tools. The kit includes an instruction manual that shows step by step instructions, sizing guide, and color pictures.

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Solid and durable in a small package
Perfect for optical needs
Allows operator to remove broken screws, create new thread, and drill
It can set & peen rivets or pins
Made of high quality materials: Bits (Tungsten), Handles (copper), Tool Body (zinc alloy)
Includes: Tool main Body, 2 Extruding Pins (0.9mm & 1.1mm), 2 Fixing Pins (1.0mm & 1.2mm), 2 Drill Bits (1.0mm & 1.2mm), 3 Tap Bits for making thread (1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm), 1 Screw Tap Handle, 1 Hexagon Driver

Dimensions: The tool:1.5”(w) x 1.7”(h) x 0.39”(d) / 40mm(w) x 44mm(h) x 10mm(d)

Dimensions: The case: 5.75”(w) x 3”(h) x 1.25”(d) / 146mm(w) x 76mm(h) x 31.7mm(d)

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