Keeler 2301-P-1022 Maddox Wing Test

Maddox Wing Test


Convenient hand held, quick and efficient near test for heterphoria which is measured on the red vertical scale.

Esophoria and exphoria are measured by the white horizontal scale.

Cyclophoria may be assessed by moving the red arrow pointer parallel to the horizontal scale.

The Maddox Wing is a hand-held device that is used to measure the degree of heterophoria at near. The device consist of a septum to dissociate the two eyes and a separate slit aperture for each eye. One eye sees a graduated vertical and horizontal scale, calibrated to read in prism dioptres, and the other eye sees a white arrow pointing upward and a red arrow pointing horizontally. Fusion is avoided because the eyes are viewing very different images; the eyes therefore adopt the passive position. The patient reports the numbers at which the arrows are pointing, giving a direct measure of the degree of vertical and horizontal phoria. The name Maddox Wing derives from the wing-like appearance of the device.


Keeler PN: 2301-P-1022

Made in UK

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