SL-45DX / SL-45

Complete Slit Lamp line-ups to meet various needs and requirements.


SL-45DX/45 is the standard model that holds every basic function and is also capable to attach digital camera to suit the user’s various examination.

*Digital camera can only be mounted to SL-45DX



Digital Camera System “Pro-Pix DC-200” is available as an option for Model: SL-95 and SL-45DX.

Database Software – Standard with Pro-Pix

Software which can be installed into your PC for Photo and Video of patient examinations. Stored images may be edited.

Database Software - Standard with Pro-Pix

Database Software - Standard with Pro-Pix

Power Cable Not Required

Pro-Pix Camera is powered by the USB port of your PC, helps to reduce additional cable clutter.


1/2inch CMOS camera
1600 x 1200 pixell
Power source
USB 2.0 5V 4A


Microscope Type Binoculer, Galilean-type
Magnification Changing Method Drum Rotation 3 Step
Eyepieces ×13.5 High-Eyepoint
(×18 available as an option)
Total Magnification ×10, ×16, ×25
Field of View φ20, φ13, φ8mm
Pupillary Distance 43mm to 80mm
Diopter Adjustment Range -5D to +5D
Base Working Distance (Back & Forth) 72mm
Working Distance (Left & Right) 100mm
Working Distance (Up & Down) 30mm
Chin-rest Vertial Working Distance 70mm
Fixation Target Tungsten
Illumination system Slit Width 0 to 15mm, continuous
Slit Length 0.2,1,3,5,8,15mm
Light Source (Bulb) 6V 20W (Halogen)
Filter Cobalt, Heat Absorption, Green
Power Voltage AC 100-120V, 220V, 240V
Power Input 50VA
Size Weight 20〜22kg
Size 480mm(W)× 410mm(D)× 670mm(H)
Optional Accessories Pro-Pix(Foot Switch Included),
Tonometer,CCDCamera,Beam Splitter,
Measuring Eyepiece(×10)


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