The Lang Fixation Cubes have been designed by J. Lang for the assessment of eye fixation, motility, accommodation, convergence, for cover test, and to prepare the child for testing with the Lang-Stereotest® or the Lang-Stereopad®.

5 child-friendly objects are presented on the side and the top of the cube. Some of them are also included in the two versions of the Lang-Stereotest® and of the Lang-Stereopad®, and on the Lang Fixation stick.

The Cube has a red handle.

Each turn of the cube shows a new object. The star on the top side and the other objects can also be used for the test of convergence.


Target user group: Orthoptist, Paediatric ophthalmologist, Optometrist, Paediatrician, Optician

 Made in Switzerland

REF 802, CE MD, Class I

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