Ishihara Colour Deficiency Test Book


The Ishihara`s Tests for Colour Deficiency consist of four (4)different types, namely, The first type is the 38-Plate (Complete) Edition, used principally by Ophthalmologists in order to classify completely the type of colour deficiency.


The second type is the 24-plates (Abridged) Edition used principally at factories and offices of transportation and other concerned places of the purpose of conducting usual sample survey for colour deficiency in a short space of time when hiring new employees.

The third type is the 14-plate (Concised) edition. On the average, charts of highest accuracy were selected from the 38 plate(Complete) Edition to conduct minimum examinations of colour deficiency.

The forth type is the 10-plate for Unlettered persons Edition or the test for colour deficiency for infants.


Made in Japan

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